What is VisiMax about? You might say ‘theysell stuff’, well yes that’s true, but that is really the result of the main reason for our existence. Our job is to make your life easier. We are the link between your equipment needs and the item that will fulfil that need. We take our role very seriously, we are working for you. Our focus is to make your life/job/role easier through efficient service and genuine care and understanding of how our actions directly impact your day.

VisiMax Safety for all your:

  • Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems

  • Specialised Safety Products & Apparel

  • Personal Safety & Defence Equipment

  • Compliance & Law Enforcement Supplies

  • Animal Management & Capture Equipment

VisiMax Safety is dedicated to the supply of quality safety products to Federal & State Government Agencies, Local Governments and the Private Sector.

If you expect good service and quality equipment then VisiMax Safety is your answer.


Social Commitment
VisiMax provides flexibility as required for the carrying out of volunteer work during work hours, which is an important community commitment and promotes mental wellbeing. Becky Snow conducts mentoring support at Dalyellup College and is the College P&C President, she is also an Honorary member of the Blue Knights Australia IV Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club which raises funds for charity and supports Police Legacy.


Environmental Commitment
At VisiMax we are passionate about the environment. Refuse (the ‘No Thank You’ part), Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle (yes, that’s 5 R’s) is closely adhered to in the workplace and personally. Where appropriate, goods are donated to charity. A compost system is in place and takes shredded paper and appropriate scrap waste. Where possible, items are packaged for despatch in suitable reused packaging, with unwanted materials being sourced from other businesses, diverting these items from landfill after only a single use. Biogone packing tape is used for all packaging, this is a biodegradable tape (search the product, its very interesting how this is achieved). Available recycling options are utilised to ensure the minimal amount of waste goes to landfill, including but not limited to: electronic items, batteries, ink cartridges, oils, globes/tubes, paints, soft plastics and thorough use of the council recycling service.


A little bit about the start, the middle and the now
VisiMax partners are Becky & Alan Snow. Alan worked in state & local government since 1972. The beginnings for VisiMax were formed in 1994. But the foundations were started long before then.

Commencing as ANALA Distributors in the early 80’s by Alan; with initial items supplied being commemorative and presentation wall plaques. Originally based in Binningup, the business moved to Bunbury and is now situated in Gelorup.

WA Ranger Services commenced in 1994 providing tailored and specialised ranger services direct to local governments across WA, servicing a range of councils and local needs.

Whilst we have provided products since inception, it was in 1994 when product sales grew under the WA Ranger Services name. Our name has changed since, but 1994 is our year of commencement. Becky joined the business in 1996.

Western Australian Law Training Services (WALTS), commenced in 1997 delivering law enforcement training to local and state government, and to the private sector. Recipient of South West WA Small Business Awards – Home Based Business Award – Runner Up 2003 | Winner 2004. WALTS was a Registered Training Organisation until 2007. We no longer deliver training, having moved greater focus to VisiMax.

To better encompass the companies range the VisiMax name was commenced in 2001, and whilst we continued to provide Ranger Services we conducted our equipment sales under the new name. WA Ranger Services was later sold.

In 2006 Becky embarked on the sole management of VisiMax when Alan again returned to employment in local government. Alan is now fully retired; he is very active in his community and undertakes numerous volunteer roles. Becky continues to manage all business operations.



We continually adapt and add to our range in response to your feedback and requirements. VisiMax has experienced, practical foundations to support our knowledge and expertise; ensuring we understand your needs.


You Matter!   We Care!
We always endeavour to do our best for you, however if we have made a mistake or you have any problems with our service please contact us so we can hear your concern and provide a remedy.